Can I bring my own laptop?
Sure! If you wish to use your own laptop, we can happily accommodate that. You only need to make sure that you have the relevant software installed on your laptop.  

Do I need anything else for the training?
No. We will provide you with refreshments, pens, papers and additional course manuals (where possible). So all you need to bring for the course, is yourself!  

I can't come to your training centres, can you deliver the training at my office?
Certainly. Provided that you have the facilities to run the course, we can send one of our expert instructors to your premises. Please call us for more details on pricing and arrangements.  

Can I really learn a software this quickly?
It might sound like a bit of a myth that you can learn how to use, say, Photoshop in only a few days. However, we are confident that you will learn the software. That is why we introduced the "Docklands Media Promise". After completing the course, if you are still not confident in using the tools, you can come and attend the same course. Absolutely free of charge.  

Do you have any refreshments at your training centres?
Indeed. We have a fully functioning cafe on-site. Here you can find refreshments, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, fruits and snacks.  

What if I want to drive to your training centres?
We know how troublesome it can be to find a parking space in the city. However, if you wish to drive to our training centre, we can allocate you a parking space just underneath our facilities in a fully secure car park. Free of charge.  

If I purchase a "Bundle" or a set of "Training Credits", do I have to use them all at once?
No. If you purchased a bundle and it includes 6 different training courses, you don't have to attend them back-to-back. The same applies to Training Credits. You can purchase your training credits and use them whenever you wish to do so.