JavaScript Training - Fast Track Silver

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Duration: 5 days

Cost (ex VAT)

Company: £795

Self-funding: £675

Online: £635

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Overview of the course
JavaScript Fast Track – Silver is a combination of the Beginner and Intermediate courses. It is a great way to learn the fundamentals of this software in a short period of time. Our expert instructors will take you from having no or little knowledge of JavaScript, up to a level where you can confidently start creating your own code and communicate with the other programmers, using this language.

This course is for…
Those who are looking to expand their web design skills by adding logic to their codes and making their web sites and apps more intuitive for the end users.

Although it is not compulsory, we recommend that you have a basic understanding of a mark-up language, such as HTML, before attending this course.

About the application
JavaScript is a language that is used mainly in websites and mobile apps to create advanced effects, forms, embedding paid services etc. With this language, you can also create conditional actions, expressions, branching and decisions in order to make your designs more appealing and add logic to the interactivity.

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Key concepts and terminology
  • Current uses of JavaScript in web applications
JavaScript Basics
  • Statements
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Conditionals
  • Loops
  • Creating functions
  • Calling functions
  • Returning values
Working with Objects
  • How do objects work?
  • Methods and properties
  • Object hierarchy
  • The implicit window object
  • Event handlers
Using JavaScript in Forms
  • Setting focus on a field
  • Blocking a field from being edited
  • Setting field values based on user input
  • Basic validation
Working with links and images
  • Using onMouseOver, onMouseOut, onClick
  • Conditional navigation
  • Dynamically swapping one or more images on a page based on mouse position
Creating Navigation with JavaScript
  • Building a jump menu
  • Navigating the user to a specific page based on their input in a form
  • The advantages and disadvantages of having JS open other windows
  • Generating and sizing child windows
  • Communication between the child and parent windows
Working with Expressions
  • Regular expressions
  • Regular expression object methods
  • String methods
  • Backreferences
  • Data validation
Event Driven JavaScript
  • Tag-based and code-based event handlers
  • Setting up event listeners
  • Event callback functions
The Document Object Model
  • The legacy DOM
  • The W3C DOM standard
  • Traversing the DOM Tree
  • Editing DOM elements
Object-oriented JavaScript
  • Creating a plain JavaScript object
  • Creating an object class
  • Using the prototype of the Class Constructor
  • Extending native JavaScript objects
Best Practices
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript
  • Separating page structure and logic
  • Progressive enhancement vis feature detection
  • Coding standards
Introduction to jQuery
  • What is jQuery?
  • Downloading and implementing the latest version of jQuery
  • Enabling jQuery
  • Using the basic features

Group Bookings

If you make a booking for three or more people to the same course, you can claim an additional 15% discount for each student from the original price of this course.

Education and Non-profit Organisations

If you are working for a non-profit organisation or an educational establishment, you can claim an additional 15% discount on all our courses.

Training Credits

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Early Bird

If you book this course at least three months in advance, you can claim 15% discount from the original price.

Students and Freelancers

We know how difficult it can be to try and self-fund a course – that’s why we introduced a 15% discount to all university students and those who work as freelancers.

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