3D Bundle – Silver
Level: Beginner to Intermediate Duration: 15 days (5 days for each software)

Cost (ex VAT)

Company: £2,410

Self-funding: £1,720

Online: £1,620

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3D applications are some of the most in-demand design tools of our days. The ever-evolving technology means that you have to be at the top of your game, in order to secure yourself a safe place within the creative industry as a 3D designer or visualiser. Learning programs such as Autodesk AutoCAD, 3ds Max or Maxon Cinema 4D is not easy by yourself. That is why the help and support you will get from our certified instructors will be invaluable and speed up this process greatly.

To help you kickstart your career as a designer, we put together our 3D Bundle – Silver. This bundle will teach you the fundamentals and some of the more advanced features of 3D applications. You will learn all you need to know, in order to get your place in the creative industry. Regardless of where your projects will end up (print, web, film or TV), you will find the courses we offer in this bundle a great help in achieving your goals.

One of the many reasons why we are confident in offering you the best training you can possibly get is the fact that our instructors are professionals who are all very well established designers with years of experience and they are all certified in their respective subjects by Adobe, Apple or Autodesk. We know what it takes to create good designs. And if that’s what you are looking to learn too, then look no further!

We take what we do very seriously. But that doesn’t mean that the learning experience has to be mundane and boring. When you attend one of our courses, you are guaranteed to have lots of fun, meet and work with like-minded people under professional guidance and learn the hottest subjects in the 3D world right now.

This bundle includes the following courses
  • AutoCAD Beginner
  • AutoCAD Intermediate
  • 3ds Max Beginner (or Cinema 4D Beginner + Intermediate)
  • Photoshop Beginner
  • Photoshop Intermediate


And here’s what you’ll learn in more detail


Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Creating basic drawings
  • Manipulating objects
  • Organisation
  • Layout
  • Annotation
  • Dimensioning
  • Working with re-usable content
  • Additional drawing objects
  • Plotting and templates
  • Drawing complex objects
  • Manipulating objects and data
  • Advanced dimensioning and annotation
  • Blocks and attributes
  • Layer management
  • Layouts and views
  • Sheet sets
  • Working with tables


Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Introductionto 3ds Max
  • Poly modelling
  • Materials
  • Effects
  • Animation
  • Lighting 
  • Rendering
  • Advanced particle systems
  • Working with cameras
  • Events
  • Environment
  • Bone rigging
  • Mechanical rigging
  • Character animation
  • Skinning


Maxon Cinema 4D
  • Introduction to Cinema 4D
  • Modelling
  • 3D scenes
  • Animation
  • Rendering
  • Best practices
  • Advanced rendering techniques
  • Materials
  • Particles
  • Introduction to MoGraph
  • Multi-pass rendering


Adobe Photoshop
  • Understanding the Photoshop workflow
  • Cropping and straightening images
  • Selections
  • Basic Adjustments and Enhancements
  • Fixing problem images
  • Masking
  • Working with layers
  • Output
  • Image size
  • Advanced image manipulation
  • Adjustment layers
  • Typography
  • Smart objects
  • Filters
  • Content-aware tools
  • Layer alignment


Adobe After Effects
  • Introduction to After Effects
  • Importing assets
  • Integration with Adobe’s design products
  • Basic animation concepts
  • Working with effects and audio
  • Creating links between layers
  • Working with masks
  • Adjustment layers
  • Rotoscoping
  • Motion tracking
  • Text animation
  • Animating vector files
  • Exporting
  • Advanced animation techniques
  • Shape layers
  • Enhancing clips
  • Working in 3D
  • Effects round-up
  • Displacement maps
  • Particles

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