On-Demand Training Videos in Partnership With Digidemy


Instead of attending a live classroom training in person or as a remote student online, you also have the option to learn creative applications at your own pace by watching a series of training videos. Our instructors have created these top-quality video courses in partnership with Digidemy, the leading online training library for creative industries. 

Digidemy is a video training library where you can learn all the creative applications at your own pace. Digidemy training courses consist of a number of training videos, divided into chapters. All of these courses come with exercise files as well as the projects used during the training, so you can follow the on-demand videos along. 

The main benefit of becoming a Digidemy member is that you don't need to commit to a full day of training during week days. You can watch the training courses online, whenever it suits you. Morning or evening, week day or weekend, completely up to you.
The other advantage is that you will be getting the same quality training as the courses are all prepared and recorded by our own instructors. 

Digidemy offers two payment options. You can either purchase an individual course (ranging from £29 to £97 per course) or subscribe to the entire training library for only £15/month. If you purchase a single course, you can access it forever and watch it as many times as you wish. If you become a member, you can watch every training course for as long as your membership is active. You can cancel your membership any time you wish.

If you have attend a course at Docklands Media, you automatically receive free access to all of the Digidemy courses for seven days. At the end of this period, you can continue to watch the training videos by becoming a member for a small monthly fee.

To see a list of all available online training courses, please visit the following link: