HTML Training - Advanced

Level: Advanced

Duration: 3 days

Cost (ex VAT)

Company: £515

Self-funding: £435

Online: £395

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Overview of the course
This course is not for the faint-hearted! It is designed to help you master your programming skills, using HTML5. You will learn all you need to know about this language to create functionally and logically flawless applications. You will also learn the best methods to combine CSS and HTML to create high quality applications.

This course is for…
Those who already have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS languages and are now looking to keep up with the latest technologies and techniques.

In order to attend this course, you should have already completed HTML – Intermediate and CSS – Intermediate courses or have equivalent knowledge of both of the languages.

About the application
HyperText Markup Language is a language which is mainly used for creating web pages and their content. Since the purpose of a web browser is to read HTML and publish the results visually, being able to use this language when designing websites will give you the maximum control.

  • Cross-document XHR
  • Progress events
  • Server-sent events
Offline Applications
  • Anatomy of an offline application
  • Caching types
  • Progression of events
  • Offline events
  • Manual and automatic updates
  • “Always On” journal application
  • Manifest errors
  • Geolocation options
  • Browser support
  • Get current location
  • Watch position
  • Position options


HTML5 Web Storage
  • Persistent Task List
  • Session-based shopping cart
  • Handling the storage event
  • Access methods
  • Handling storage limits
Web Workers
  • Building complex calculations with and without a Web Worker
  • String and JSON messages
  • AJAX in a Worker
  • Controlling Workers
Web Sockets
  • Web Sockets vs. HTTP
  • Browser support

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