docklands media promise

Whatever the reason is, should you wish to re-sit the same class once more, you can! And it’s completely free of charge*.

We are confident that you will learn all you need but if you feel like you could do with refreshing your memory after the class, get in touch with us and we will put you to the next scheduled class at no extra cost. Another reason why we are committed to DMP is that we know the software vendors update their packages frequently. So, if you have attended a class, and a few months later the vendor released a new version of their software, you can come and learn the new tools in the most up-to-date version too!

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this offer is valid for 24 months from the day you attend the course.

*The free retake is only offered for the public courses and cannot be used to attend the tailored training courses. In the unlikely event of having to cancel or postpone a free booking, Docklands Media shall not be liable for any reimbursement to the student as the student would have already attended the original course. The student will have the option to postpone the free refresher course to the next available date or cancel the free booking.

e-mail support

One thing we hate would be to leave you on your own without any assistance after you complete your course. If you have any questions after you attend one of our classes (maybe you are stuck on a particular thing or forgot an important technique that you learned) just drop us an e-mail and one of our instructors will get back in touch with you swiftly.

phone support

Remember you can always call us too! If an instructor is available, we will answer your questions right away, otherwise we will call you back within the same day to help.  


*Docklands Media Promise offer is subject to availability and it cannot be used to re-sit the Tailored Training sessions. This offer is also not available when you purchase a course at a discounted rate than the original price.