Live Online Photoshop Training with Digidemy

Level: Beginner

Duration: 12 hours

Cost: £4/hour

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Overview of the course
Docklands Media is proud to offer this unique Photoshop training experience in partnership with Digidemy ( This live online training course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of Photoshop and help you understand the core concepts of image manipulation and graphic design with Photoshop.

Just like attending a classroom training session, with Digidemy’s Photoshop course, you will be able to attend the classes over the internet while they take place live. You will be able to interact with your Photoshop trainer just like you would in a classroom.

This course is for…
Those who find it difficult to book time off work, or travel to our training centres. Digidemy Photoshop course runs entirely online. This Photoshop course is also ideal for those who find it difficult to afford a traditional training course. Our partner Digidemy offers this fantastic Photoshop course for only £4 per hour. 

You do not need any prior knowledge of the software, in order to attend this course. However, you should have a basic understanding of your computer’s operating system – such as launching an application, creating folders, saving files and copying them onto a different drive.

About Digidemy
Digidemy is a partner company of Docklands Media, and offers cost-effective, live online training courses spread across several weeks. Digidemy offers a different training experience than our traditional classroom based courses. For more information about how Digidemy works, please visit

This Photoshop course consists of six sessions of two hours each. You will be attending a live two-hour session, and given homework before your next session. The entire duration of the course varies between 3-5 weeks.


Class 1 – Introduction to Photoshop and Basic Image Adjustments
In this introduction class, you will learn how to navigate within Adobe Photoshop, open and view images, create custom workspaces, use various panels including the “navigator”, apply basic adjustments to images such as “brightness and contrast”, “levels” and “curves”. You will also learn how to crop images to specific sizes.


Class 2 – Adjusting the Colour
During this two-hour class, you will learn all about colour (and its absence). You will be taught how to use the “Colour Balance” and “Hue/Saturation” adjustments, as well as the “Black&White Adjustment”, which will help you stylise your images further.


Class 3 – Working with Layers
Layers are at the foundation of Photoshop. During this class, you will learn how to combine multiple images into a single document, create and edit layers, transform controls (such as Scale, Rotation, Position, Skew) and layer properties. You will also learn how to create documents from scratch and place images into these documents as layers to create montages.


Class 4 – Selections
You will be using selections whenever you need to make localised adjustments and create cut-outs. This class will teach you how to create, edit and utilise various types of selections. You will learn how to use the “Marquee” selection tools, as well as the “Lasso” tools and the “Colour Selection” command to remove the background of an image.


Class 5 – Retouching with the Clone Stamp and Healing Tools
In this class, you will learn how to use the “Clone Stamp” tool, as well as the “Spot Healing Brush” and the “Healing Brush” tools in order to remove unwanted parts of an image. You will learn the best practices when using these retouching tools.


Class 6 – Working with Text, Layer Styles and Saving
You will learn how to create and edit text layers, as well as adding effects such as “drop shadow” and “stroke” to layers. You will also learn how to save an image with the appropriate file type such as JPEG, PNG, PDF and more.

Group Bookings

If you make a booking for three or more people to the same course, you can claim an additional 10% discount for each student from the original price of this course.


Education and Non-profit Organisations

If you are working for a non-profit organisation or an educational establishment, you can claim an additional 10% discount.


Training Credits

Training Credits do not apply to Digidemy Online Courses.


Early Bird

If you book this course at least three months in advance, you can claim 10% discount from the original price.


Students and Freelancers

Student discounts do not apply to Digidemy Online Courses.