Training Credits

We offer special rates for training your team. With our Training Credits, you purchase training days, rather than specific courses. Those days can then be used towards any public scheduled training course we offer.

The way Training Credits work is straightforward. You work out how many days of training your team requires, and purchase that many Training Credits. Then each time a member of your team attends a day of our courses, you pay us with the credits purchased in the first place. 

The more credits you purchase, the more cost-effective your training becomes. Below is a list of the available Training Credits packages. 

  • 10 Credits: £2000 (£200 per day)
  • 20 Credits: £3,800 (£190 per day)
  • 30 Credits: £5400 (£180 per day)

To find out more about our Training Credits, get in touch with us by using our Contact Page.