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Adobe Certification: Opening Doors of Opportunity
They say that opportunity knocks but once. Well, we politely beg to differ. With Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification, Docklands Media uniquely positions you for broad opportunities in today’s challenging job market. So when opportunity (cleverly disguised as a hiring manager) comes knocking—you’ll be ready.

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA): Print & Digital Media Publication Using Adobe InDesign
Adobe software sets the worlds standard in powerful digital design tools. And while users enjoy creative freedom and precise control in bringing high-impact digital communications to life, students who certify proficiency in Adobe software enjoy the added opportunity to prove their expertise.

Stand Out From the Crowd
The ACA certification validates your technical abilities and demonstrates proficiency. Adobe’s ACA certifications are based on research about digital communication skills required by industry, government, and education. The exam objectives reflect the expertise needed to be successful communicators in today’s digital world. This industry-recognised certification program ensures that you are acquiring the knowledge and abilities valued in today’s workplace. For institutions seeking to keep curriculum vitalised and relevant, certification plays a critical role in bridging classroom learning to real world application.

Below is a list of topics that you are expected to know before taking the Adobe InDesign ACA exam:


Setting Project Requirements
– Understanding purpose, audience, and audience needs for preparing page layouts.
– Standard copyright rules for content use in page layouts.
– Project management tasks and responsibilities.
– Communicating with others (such as peers and clients) about design plans.

Identifying Design Elements When Preparing Page Layouts
– Understanding properties of page layouts for print, web, and digital publishing.
– Understanding design principles, elements, and page layout composition.
– Working with typography.
– Using symbols and representative graphics.
– Understanding key terminology when working with page layouts.

Understanding Adobe InDesign
– Elements of InDesign interface and their functions.
– Using nonprinting design tools in the interface.
– Understanding the appropriate features and options required to manage colours.
– Working with layers.
– Exporting, packaging, saving, and organising files.

Creating Page Layouts by Using Adobe InDesign
– Creating multiple-page documents.
– Using styles.
– Using frames in a page layout.
– Adding text to a page layout.
– Adding graphic, image, and video content to a page layout.
– Creating special page elements using InDesign tools.
– Adding interactive elements using InDesign tools.

Publish, Export, and Archive Page Layouts by Using Adobe InDesign
– Preparing page layouts for publishing to print.
– Preparing page layouts for export to multiscreen devices

Group Bookings

If you make a booking for three or more people to take the same exam, you can receive a 15% discount from the overall cost. 

Education and Non-profit Organisations

If you are working for a non-profit organisation or an educational establishment, you can receive a 15% discount from the overall cost. 

Training Credits

Training credits do not apply for certification exams.

Early Bird

If you book this exam at least three months in advance, you can claim 15% discount from the original price.

Students and Freelancers

We know how difficult it can be to try and self-fund a course – that’s why we introduced a 15% discount to all students and those who work as freelancers.

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