Whitening Teeth in Photoshop 17/02/2016

In this post, we will have a look at how to whiten teeth using Adobe Photoshop. We will be using the image below for this exercise:Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-1

First, we need to select the area we would like to whiten. Here, we used the Quick Selection tool, but any selection tool that you see fit would work for too. Go ahead and create a selection around the teeth. Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-2

You might want to zoom in, as this would make creating the selection much easier. To do this, simply press "CMD" and "+" on the keyboard and once you are zoomed in enough, hold down the spacebar then click on your image and pan towards the teeth. Once you create the selection, you should have an image that looks similar to the one below:Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-3

With this selection active, go ahead and click on the "Hue / Saturation" adjustment button from the adjustment panel.Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-4

This will create a new adjustment and add a layer mask to show you the adjustment only inside that selected area. Since most of the problem is related to the yellow channel on the teeth, let's go ahead and select the "Yellow" from the list and then desaturate it. Make sure you don't go all the way down to zero, otherwise the teeth might look a little awkward. We also increased the lightness of this channel to make the remaining yellow pixels (now desaturated) pop out a little more.Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-5

Next, switch back to the "Master" channel and increase the "Lightness" value a little bit. Move this slider a little too far and things will look quite fake, so do be careful.Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-6

Finally, to soften the edges of the whitened area, double click on the mask next to the adjustment layer and increase the "Feather" value of the mask. In this case just over 2px was enough.Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-8

Et voila!Teeth-Whitening-in-Photoshop-7

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