Packaging Design in Maxon Cinema 4D 29/12/2017

Packaging is one of the most crucial elements, when it comes to visualising and marketing a product. Trying to explain to a potential client how exactly a product will look on the shelf can be tricky at times. 

This is where the 3D Packaging capabilities of Maxon Cinema 4D come in. Not that we produce any beauty products here, but the example below should give you a sense of realism that can be created in Cinema 4D.

3D Packaging Design with Cinema 4D

Using Cinema 4D to demonstrate how a product will look is a cost and time-effective way of producing these photo-realistic 3D renders.

Below are a few more examples of the type of 3D packaging renders you can create with Cinema 4D. The possibilities are virtually endless, this is only a selection of what can be done:

3D Packaging Design with Cinema 4D 3D Packaging Design with Cinema 4D 3D Packaging Design with Cinema 4D

If you would like to learn how to use Cinema 4D to create renders such as the ones above, be sure to check out our Cinema 4D training page here.

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