Creating a Pillow in 3ds Max in 7 Easy Steps 15/02/2016

There are many different ways to create a pillow in 3ds Max, the following method is one of the easier techniques that we use quite often. Provided that you have a basic understanding of 3ds Max, you can follow along and create a similar pillow in just 7 steps!

Step 1:
Create a plane and name it "Floor". We use the values below:
- Length: 1000mm
- Width: 1000mm
- Length and width seg: 4
- Coordinates… X:0 Y:0  Z:0



Step 2:
Create a Box with the values below and rename it to "Pillow"
- Length: 450mm
- Width: 600mm
- Height: 10mm
- Length, Width and Height seg: 45, 60, 1
- Coordinates… X:0 Y:0  Z:100



Step 3:
Apply the "Cloth Modifier" to the Pillow and on the modifier parameters click "Properties".


Step 4:
In the Object Properties dialogue window click "Add Objects" and on the Add Objects to Cloth Simulation dialogue window select the Floor object and click Add.


Step 5:
Set the properties for the pillow to Cloth and increase the pressure value to 30.


Step 6:
Set the properties for the floor to "Collision Object" and click OK to close the window.


Step 7:
With the pillow selected on modify panel/cloth Simulate Local and after 10-15seconds click it again to stop it. And it is done! Here are the progressive states of the pillow as the simulation happens...
creating-a-pillow-in-3ds-max-7 creating-a-pillow-in-3ds-max-8 creating-a-pillow-in-3ds-max-9

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