Live Online InDesign Training with Digidemy

Level: Beginner

Duration: 12 hours

Cost: £4/hour

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Overview of the course
Docklands Media is proud to offer this unique InDesign training experience in partnership with Digidemy ( This live online training course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of InDesign and help you understand the core concepts of layout design with this industry standard software.

Just like attending a classroom training session, with Digidemy’s InDesign course, you will be able to attend the classes over the internet while they take place live. You will be able to interact with your InDesign trainer just like you would in a classroom.

This course is for…
Those who find it difficult to book time off work, or travel to our training centres. Digidemy InDesign course runs entirely online. This InDesign course is also ideal for those who find it difficult to afford a traditional training course. Our partner Digidemy offers this fantastic InDesign course for only £4 per hour. 

You do not need any prior knowledge of the software, in order to attend this course. However, you should have a basic understanding of your computer’s operating system – such as launching an application, creating folders, saving files and copying them onto a different drive.

About Digidemy
Digidemy is a partner company of Docklands Media, and offers cost-effective, live online training courses spread across several weeks. Digidemy offers a different training experience than our traditional classroom based courses. For more information about how Digidemy works, please visit

This InDesign course consists of six sessions of two hours each. You will be attending a live two-hour session, and given homework before your next session. The entire duration of the course varies between 3-5 weeks.


Class 1 – Introduction to InDesign, Preferences and Page Settings
In this introduction you will learn what each part of the screen (toolbox, control bar, menus and workspace) does. The ‘preference’ settings will be changed to suit individual needs, and a new, named workspace saved so that the programme is set up to suit your work. Then you will learn how to adjust the settings in the ‘new document’ window to create the page layout for your project.


Class 2 – Creating, Editing and Applying Colour Styles
Anything placed in an InDesign document can have a colour fill or ‘stroke’ (the outline) applied to it. In this class you will learn how to create colour styles and apply them as strokes and fills, and how to then edit the colour. Doing so updates every object to which it had already been applied. Flat colour, gradients and tints will be covered.


Class 3 – Creating, Editing and Applying Paragraph Styles
Paragraph styles are ‘macros’ holding all the information necessary to format type, whether it’s a large colourful heading or a small italic caption. This class also looks at uses for ‘placeholder text’, and how to create hanging indents, bulleted type and ruled styles – which are difficult unless you know how. Styles will be edited to update the appearance of all the text to which they have been applied.


Class 4 – Working with Text Wrap
Essential methods for getting the text out of the way of placed objects of all kinds. This class looks at creating different shapes – rectangles, ellipses and polygons – and the different text wrap options for each. It also looks at adjusting ‘offset’, the amount by which text stands away from the object, and refined features such as ‘detect edges’, which looks for a ‘clipping path’ within the image as the basis for the offset.


Class 5 – Placing Images into InDesign Documents
The picture speaks the thousand words, so it had better be the right size and in the right place! This class looks at how to import single or multiple images, how to crop, rotate and resize both the images and the frame through which we can see them. We will use various menu-based ‘fitting’ options as well as auto- and manual-fitting.


Class 6 – Using Master Pages
In this class we’ll add various objects to master pages and use them to format a multi-page document. This will include items such as headers and footers, and automatic page numbering. Multiple master pages offer a way to pre-format long documents where set layouts are required for blocks of pages. We will also create ‘section starts’ which allow the user to redefine the numbering sequence within the document, and use the ‘none’ master to remove unwanted formatting.

Group Bookings

If you make a booking for three or more people to the same course, you can claim an additional 10% discount for each student from the original price of this course.


Education and Non-profit Organisations

If you are working for a non-profit organisation or an educational establishment, you can claim an additional 10% discount.


Training Credits

Training Credits do not apply to Digidemy Online Courses.


Early Bird

If you book this course at least three months in advance, you can claim 10% discount from the original price.


Students and Freelancers

Student discounts do not apply to Digidemy Online Courses.