Adobe InDesign Training - Fast Track Gold

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Duration: 8 days

Cost: £1,275

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Overview of the course
InDesign Fast Track – Gold is a combination of the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses. You will learn many of the advanced skills you need, in order to create amazing publications for print, web and mobile devices. With hands-on practice, you will be guided through some real life projects by one of our expert instructors. This class will also prepare you for the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam, which will help you prove your InDesign skills and stand out from the crowd.

Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not truly satisfied with your Adobe InDesign training, neither are we. Let us know on the first day and we will make it right. Otherwise, we will refund 100% of your money. 

Lifetime Support
Once you have completed your InDesign course, you will have access to our email and telephone support for a lifetime. You can contact us for any questions or technical issues, related to what you’ve learned on your training course.

24-Month Free Class Retake
If you want to come back and attend this InDesign course again to refresh your skills, you have 24 months to do so. The retake is free of charge.

This course is for…
Those who want to learn the fundamentals of one of the most powerful desktop publishing applications out there. Our instructors will help you learn how to create eye-catching brochures, posters, flyouts and more.

You do not need any prior knowledge of the software, in order to attend this course. However, you should have a basic understanding of your computer’s operating system – such as launching an application, creating folders, saving files and copying them onto a different drive.

About the application
Adobe InDesign is the industry standard software that the experts use to create books, newspapers, magazines, brochures, posters, flyers and publications for both print and digital distribution. InDesign gives you precise control over typography, page layout and interactivity. In the recent years, this application has become the key tool in the arsenal of any designer, who is willing to create spectacular publications.

  • InDesign workflow
  • Interface
  • Creating a new document
  • Tools and panels
  • Navigation
Smart Layout
  • Guides
  • Grids
  • Rulers
  • Working with text
  • Placing text
  • Text frames
  • Multi column setup
  • Character Styles
  • Paragraph Styles
  • Layouts
  • Tab palette
  • Characters
  • Editing tabs
  • Adding leaders
  • Colour models
  • Creating and saving colours
Working with Images
  • Placing images
  • Editing images
  • Using graphic frames
  • Image formats
  • Preview
  • Preflight
  • Export / Print
Master Pages
  • Introduction
  • Multiple master pages
  • Page numbering
  • Breaking master sections
Long Document Handling
  • Advanced TOC features
  • Indexes
  • Advanced Indexing
  • Using the Book Palette
  • Book lists
  • Synchronising style and colour across books
  • TOCs across books
  • Working with libraries
Pen Tool
  • Using the Pen Tool
  • Freehand shapes
  • Bezier curves
  • Compound paths


  • Interactive options
  • Page transitions
  • Object states
  • Adding media

Artistic Effects

  • Eyedropper
  • Text on path
  • Drop shadow
  • Gradients
Advanced Graphic Handling
  • Clipping Paths
  • Alpha channels from Photoshop
  • Different Formats
Advanced Printing
  • Preflight
  • Print to PDF
  • PDF security
  • Exporting interactive media to Flash and PDF
Expanding Frames
  • Auto-size options
  • Hot corner resizing
  • Expanding workflow
GREP Logic
  • Find and replace
  • Creating a GREP query
  • Executing a GREP query
  • Using GREP styles
Text Variables
  • Understanding how variables work
  • Using the variables library
  • Executing a variable
  • Editing a variable
  • Working with variable lists
  • Footnote options
  • Inserting a footnote
  • Footnote shortcuts
  • Considerations for ePubs
Scripts and Plugins
  • Scripts Panel
  • Sample scripts
  • Using scripts and plugins
Snippets and Libraries
  • Understanding the differences
  • Exporting snippet content
  • Controlling the origin of content
  • Creating a library
  • Adding content and metadata
Conditional Text
  • Using conditional text
  • Creating conditions
  • Sets
  • Automatically adding and removing pages
Adobe Certified Exam (ACE)
  • What to expect on the exam day
  • Booking an exam
  • Sample questions
  • Practice Exam
  • Results

Group Bookings

If you make a booking for three or more people to the same course, you can claim an additional 15% discount for each student from the original price of this course.

Education and Non-profit Organisations

If you are working for a non-profit organisation or an educational establishment, you can claim an additional 15% discount on all our courses.

Training Credits

Our Training Credits Scheme is the most cost-effective way to train your entire team. With this scheme, you buy training days up front and use them over one year. To see full details, visit our Training Credits Page.

Early Bird

If you book this course at least three months in advance, you can claim 15% discount from the original price.

Students and Freelancers

We know how difficult it can be to try and self-fund a course – that’s why we introduced a 15% discount to all university students and those who work as freelancers.