Adobe Captivate Training Courses in London

Adobe Captivate is an industry standard tool used by both individual teachers, lecturers, service providers and large corporations in order to create engaging, interactive e-Learning content. This software lets the user create high-quality simulations, publish quizzes, collect data and eye-catching interactive presentations with the ability to output to HTML.

Our Adobe Captivate training courses are designed to teach you the fundamental skills you need in the shortest possible period of time. Guided by our Adobe Certified Instructors, you will master this complex application in a matter of days.  

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned designer, we have the right course for you. Our wide range of Adobe Captivate training courses include beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as the Fast Track course.

Use the list below to learn more about different levels of top quality Captivate training courses we offer.

Captivate Beginner Course - 2 days

This two-day beginner course is for those who have no or little knowledge of Adobe Captivate and the e-Learning environment. You will be guided through some of the best practices, in order to create simple but effective presentations and use interactivity for branching your slides in a logical way.

Upon completion, you will leave the classroom with a complete project that you will have created from start to finish.

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Captivate Intermediate Course - 2 days

Captivate Intermediate training course is designed to take your already existing Captivate skills to the next level and teach you the more advanced features such as conditional and advanced actions, variables, different output formats and many more tips and tricks about the latest trends in the world of e-Learning.

This course is for those who are fairly confident in using Adobe Captivate to create basic projects and now looking to expand their skill set by working with the more advanced features of this application. 

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Captivate Fast Track Silver Course - 4 days

Adobe Captivate Fast Track Silver is a combination of the Beginner and Intermediate courses. It is the best way to learn this powerful e-Learning and simulation application.

Upon completion, you will be able to create your own content and work on challenging projects with ease. Our Adobe Certified Instructors will teach you countless tips and tricks to help you speed up your workflow and create engaging presentations. 

You can either take the courses on 4 consecutive days or split the two levels and attend them during separate weeks.

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