Adobe Acrobat Training Courses in London

Adobe Acrobat is a widely used application whose main function is to create, edit and distribute PDF documents. Acrobat is used by millions of people worldwide on both desktop and mobile platforms. With this powerful software, you can create, convert, annotate, publish and encrypt PDF documents, as well as creating interactive forms and more.

Our Acrobat training courses are designed to teach you the fundamental skills you need in the shortest possible period of time. Guided by our Adobe Certified Instructors, who are amongst the best creatives in the industry, you will master this powerful application in a matter of days.  

Whether you are a complete novice or a seasoned designer, we have the right course for you. Our wide range of Adobe Acrobat training courses include beginner and intermediate levels, as well as the Fast Track course.

Use the list below to learn more about different levels of top quality Acrobat training courses we offer.

Acrobat Beginner Course - 2 days

This two-day beginner course will teach you how to convert existing documents into PDF format and edit them, using Adobe Acrobat. You will also learn the fundamentals of this internationally used application and be able to create, edit, manage and share interactive documents. Our Adobe Certified Instructors will take you from knowing nothing or just a little about Acrobat, to a level where you can confidently start working on different types of PDFs.

This course is for those who have not used Adobe Acrobat before or those with only a little knowledge of the application. 

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Acrobat Intermediate Course - 3 days

This course will take your already existing Acrobat knowledge to the next level. You will learn how to create and distribute Acrobat forms and the key concepts behind working electronically, in order to become more efficient in your workflow. You will also learn how to add advanced interactive elements into your PDFs, such as buttons, links and actions. 

In order to attend this course, you would first need to complete the Acrobat Beginner level or have equivalent skills and knowledge. 

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Acrobat Fast Track Silver Course - 5 days

Acrobat Fast Track Silver is a combination of the Beginner and Intermediate courses. It is a fantastic way to learn the fundamentals of Adobe Acrobat and master some of the advanced techniques in a short period of time. With hands-on practice, you will be guided through some real life projects by one of our Adobe Certified Instructors. 

Autodesk AutoCAD Fast Track Silver is a combination of the Beginner and Intermediate levels at a discounted price. During this five-day intensive training course, you will learn all the fundamental skills of this industry standard CAD software, as well as some of the more advanced skills. 

You can either take the courses on 5 consecutive days or split the two levels and attend them during separate weeks.

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