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How to Use Volumetric Light in Cinema 4D Properly 03/03/2016

How to Use Volumetric Lights in Cinema 4D Properly

Volumetric light (as opposed to “visible light”, which does not interact with polygons) makes almost everything look awesome. Take this simple scene for example. Here we have a simple text object, a floor with some basic materials applied. As they stand, they look a little dull. Add in two volumetric light sources into the mix […]

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Optical Illusion with Cinema 4D 27/02/2016

3D Rotating Girl

Optical illusions are fascinating displays of how our brains can easily be fooled. This hollow model created in Cinema 4D is a point in case.  As a result of being exposed to thousands of faces throughout our lives, our brains will just not accept that a face can be hollow. Using all faces our eyes have seen […]

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